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Arjan Shahini

Arjan Shahini


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Jörg Dinkelaker

Project: Transformation of Albanian higher education system under internationalisation 1946-2012

Arjan Shahini is a PhD candidate at the Graduate School “Society and Culture in Motion” and at the School of Pedagogy of the Martin Luther University  Halle-Wittenberg. He graduated from the University of Heidelberg, Germany, in 2008, with a Master’s degree in political and education  sciences. After having worked for three years for the Albanian Government in the Ministry of Education and Science and various higher education institutions in Albania, he returned to academia for a Master’s degree in higher education and leadership at the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA. Under the supervision of Professor Dr. Jörg Dinkelaker his PhD research focuses on the internationalization of Albanian higher education from a historical perspective.


The  aim of this study is to  develop a common analytical framework for the  study of the  internationalization processes and their impact on the  structures and  policies of the Albanian higher education since its  establishment in  1947. The goal is to explore how modernization efforts  to implement  Western norms and values have been constantly negotiated by  the  national actors in developing and implementing higher education   policies. Western norms have been presented in the guise of different   policy agendas in Albania (e.g. modernization through Sovietization   during the totalitarian communist regime, Europeanization and EU   integration after the system transformation, and the current   implementation of neo-liberal policies.) The main research question   focuses on how the structural changes have been influenced by modern   ideologies, the transfer and adaptation of international norms and   policy solutions provided by the transnational economic, political and   judicial frameworks. The study analysis general structural   characteristics of the system throughout the period of 1946 to 2017: the   organization of higher education system, admission policies and  changes  in the academic and scientific management. The analysis is  based on the  methodological and analytical approaches applied in  culture and policy  transfer studies. The research will be based on  primary sources which  will be attained through archival research in  Albania. For a more  in-depth view on the issue, I have proposed a set  of unstructured  interviews with key experts and ex-government  officials.

Published Works:

Tafaj, M., & Shahini, A. (2019). Higher  Education Systems and  Institutions, Albania. In Encyclopedia of  International Higher  Education Systems and Institutions (pp. 1-6).  Dordrecht: Springer  Netherlands.

Zhllima,  E., Imami, D., Rama, K., Shahini, A., & Asia, C. (2018).  Corruption  in Education during Socialism and the Postsocialist Transition: The  Case of Albania. Region: Regional Studies of Russia,  Eastern Europe,  7(2), 51-70.