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Applicants are supposed to fit the following criteria:

  • Intellectual giftedness: In addition to above-average professional abilities further specialist interests are taken into consideration.
  • Personality: Characteristics like credibleness, motivation, decisiveness and the willingness to take responsibility as well as to work actively for the advancement of the society are desired.
  • Politically liberal and social engagement: Engagement in student organisations and university committees, in a politically liberal party and in social institutions and associations is desired.

The topic of the dissertation is expected to be scientifically and socio-politically important.
Scholarships at first are awarded for one year and may be extended on application for another year. Grant for more than 3 years is not possible.

Foreign applicants who have earned a German Abitur either in Germany or at German school abroad (so called "Bildungsinländer") are supposed to verify their German graduation.



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