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Dr. Mo'ien Ahmad Abdel-Rahman Abu-Saif

Mo'ien Ahmad Abdel-Rahman Abu-Saif

Mo'ien Ahmad Abdel-Rahman Abu-Saif

Ph.D. candidate (scholarship holder 01.10.2006 – 30.09.2007)
Dissertation defense: 02.07.2012
Predicate: magna cum laude

Pragmatics of poetic discourse explained on the basis of Qabbānī's Work and examples in Adūnīs, Bannīs and Mațar

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Stefan Leder, Prof. Dr. Gerd Antos

This study is concerned with some important characteristics in the arabic poetry, each element in the linguistic may carry out more than one task. The linguistic order allows such interrelations creating ambiguities which open the door to numerous interpretations and conclusions. Otherwise the study explores the current tendencies of the contemprorary arab poets, by referring to their works, relating the new concepts the ideas expressed and implicity communicated by modern poetry, to enhance the concept of modernization, as well as the visions and ideas, that should be brought close to the recepients


1990-1998High school (Tawjihi), Anjara School, good (72.3 / 100)
1998-2002study Baccalaureus for Arabistik, Yarmouk university, Jordan (very good)
2002-2004study Magister for linguistics, Hashemite University, Jordan. (Excellent)

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