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David Kananizadeh

David Kananizadeh


Project: Translations of Forest Ecologies in Sierra Leone

David’s research regionally focuses on Sierra Leone, where he investigates  human-nonhuman-entanglements surrounding current investments in logging  and their underlying infrastructures with their techno-scientific, as  well as juridico-political and ethical dimensions. Inquiring into  globally circulating models of forestry and their local  materializations, he asks what futures for planetary health they entail.  Here, David engages in ecological anthropology’s shifts from ecology to  ecologies to the planetary on the one hand, and from adaptation to  translation to care on the other hand. His research crosses disciplinary  boundaries between anthropology, environmental studies, postcolonial  studies, development studies, science and technology studies and the  study of biomedicine. After having studied Social and Cultural  Anthropology at the University of Halle, Germany (Bachelor and Master  level), he joined the Graduate School “Society and Culture in Motion”,  University of Halle in October 2018, where he pursues a PhD. He is a  member of the LOST Research Network   .