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Curriculum Vitae Workshop

Given that reviewers only have a handful of documents upon which to base their decisions about the appropriateness of applicants, the importance of and weight given to the CV should not be underestimated.  The time invested in creating and maintaining a quality CV is truly time well spent.  For as anyone with experience in the application process knows, there is much more to an academic CV than merely listing various achievements and work-related experiences.  An excellent CV is tailored to the specific job, grant, or stipend description.  It should not only take into account the kind of position being applied for, e.g. more teaching- or research-oriented, but also the norms of the respective academic culture.

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the most important elements of academic CVs (above all those of the humanities and social sciences), identify many of the crucial differences between English language CVs for the Anglo-American and selected European contexts, explore various strategies for organizing CVs, and discuss some of the more frequent CV formats.

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