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Dr. Johannes Thon

Dr. Johannes Thon

Dr. Johannes Thon


Dr. Johannes Thon

Institut für Bibelwissenschaften
Theologische Fakultät
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Franckeplatz 1, Haus 25
06110 Halle / Saale

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The discourse on false prophecy in the context of biblical concepts of language and the discussion of language theories in the beginning of Hebrew linguistics

In the Hebrew Bible language is seldom considered as a theme for its own. Linguistic concepts appear by the way in contexts of other themes. Biblical texts are interpreted in religious contexts, where the question of truth markes an central point. But it depends on the selfcomprehension of the texts, which is expressed only implicitly.
If the texts claim to transmit the word of God to men, then one has to ask how this communication ist possible at all.
Especially the discussion about false prophecy deals with this claim, that specific texts are revelations, which religious communities apply to their canon as a whole. These passages deal with truth and lie by men who proclaim that God speaks through their words. But this concentration to the theme of false prophecy would restrict the research because of a strong polemical tendency. Therefore other biblical descriptions of limits and abilities of human thinking and human languages will be considered, which show an ambigous and ambivalent picture of human speech.
To return to the question of canon hermeneuticts it will be shown which language concetions appear under the first linguists of Hebrew.

Curriculum vitae

1991-1998Studies in theology in Naumburg, Halle, Jerusalem and Berlin
1999-2003Hochschulassistent at the Institute of Biblical Sciences in Halle
2002Participation at the Lehrkurs of the German Protestant Institute (DEI) (Jerusalem/Amman)
2003-2006Vicar at the protestant churches of Halle-Trotha and Seeben
2005Ph. D. (Dr. theol.) - Halle
seit 2006Lecturer at the Institute of Biblical Sciences in Halle


2006Pinhas ben Eleasar - der levitische Priester am Ende der Tora. Traditions- und literargeschichtliche Untersuchung unter Einbeziehung historisch-geographischer Fragen, ABG 20, Leipzig: Evang. Verl.-Anstalt

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