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Dmitry Sevruk

Dmitry Sevruk

Dmitry Sevruk

associated Ph.D. student (DAAD scholarship holder)


Dmitry Sevruk

Universität Bamberg
Lehrstuhl für Islamwissenschaft (Prof. Dr. Patrick Franke )
96045 Bamberg


The social and religious development of the Syrian Murshidiyya-Community after the phase of its foundation (from about 1930 till today)

Supervisor: PD Dr. Patrick Franke

 My research is dealing with one modern Syrian religious community, which appeared in Western  Syria in the XX century as a result of split-off from the Alawi/Nusayri community and which name is derived from the certain Suleiman Murshid (1907-1946). Although some of his initiatives (like building of mosques for example) aimed to make the Nusayri community nearer to the traditional Islam, his message was destined first of all for Alawis and prepared a way for appearance of a completely new community, which further development is associated with the names of Suleiman’s sons Mujib (1930-1952) and Saji (1932-1998). In 1946-1971 the community was proclaimed and victimizated. Only after the Alawi Hafez al-Assad became a president of Syria he allowed to the Murshidis to practise their doctrine free. In political life of Syria the community has played an important role during the struggle for power between the former president Hafez al-Assad and his brother Rifaat. At first the Murshidis supported Rifaat but then took the side of Hafiz.

At the present time the number of community members is about 150 000 persons and the Murshidiyya has a number of differences from the traditional Alawis. For example there are no Sheikhs in the community, but just a mulaqqin (teacher), who is elected from ordinary community members and instructs young Murshidis in the religious doctrine of Murshidiyya. It is interesting that also women are involved in the learning of religious doctrine, what is impossible among the non-murshidi Alawis.

Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth03.05.1980
1997-2002Study at the Belarusian State University; Faculty of International Relations; Department of International Relations (main subjects of study: Arabic and History, language praxis at the Cairo University).
2002-2009Professional activity in different enterprises and since 2008 at the Belarusian State University. Long term stays in Syria, Lebanon, Libya and Sudan.
2009-2010DAAD-scholar in Oriental Institute in Halle (Work on dissertation).
since 2010PhD student at Bamberg University


 Russian, Belorussian, Arabic, German, English.