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Steffen Johannessen

Steffen Johannessen

Steffen Johannessen

associated Ph.D. student (Scholarship holder 08/2005 - 07/2008)


Steffen F. Johannessen

Hammergata 9 C
0465 Oslo, Norwegen

phone: 0047 45120129

Chagossian exile in Mauritius and beyond

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Schnepel

The focus of the project concerns the community of displaced Chagossians now residing on the outskirts of the Mauritian capital Port Louis. In the early 1970s the total population of the Chagos Archipelago was expelled and exiled to Mauritius and the Seychelles due to the construction of a joint UK-US military base on its largest island, Diego Garcia. Through their ongoing struggles for compensations and the right to return the former inhabitants have now come to constitute a highly organized Diaspora. The ongoing research project looks into the context of Chagossian struggles and their present forms resistance and aims at exploring the production and reproduction of Chagossian locality. Questions of particular interest relate to politics of identifications, how societies remember and forget through performances, how representations of the past and conceptions of places are negotiated in present contexts for political purposes, and how people mobilize and identify along ethnic lines within and beyond the context of the Mauritian ‘multicultural nationalism'.

The project is based on a two years Ph.D. grant sponsored by the International Graduate School of University of Halle, located within the section for Asian and African Studies headed by Professor Dr. Jürgen Paul. The project is supervised by Professor Dr. Burkhard Schnepel.

Curriculum Vitae

2005 springSocial Anthropology master-programme*, University of Oslo
2003 springLife-view and Ethics, semester unit, University of Trondheim
2002 autumnSocial Anthropology, intermediate subject, University of Oslo
2002 springSociology, foundation subject, University of Oslo
2000 autumnPhilosophy, foundation subject, University of Oslo
1999 autumnSocial Anthropology, foundation subject, University of Oslo
1998 autumnExamen Philosophicum and Examen Facultatum (Social science variant), University of Oslo

* Empirical research: Port Louis, Mauritius. 5 months


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