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phone: +49 345 55 24250

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Start-up funding of up to 25.000 euros can be requested to support the preparation of an independent project proposal (e.g.  DFG research unit, research training group, collaborative research  centre, BMBF similar initiatives) involving two or more MLU Post-Doc  members working in at least two institutes. The funding covers funds  for employees, student helpers, conferences, workshops, pretests,  investments or any other helpful preparation work.

The call explicitly aims to foster  cooperation between different parts of MLU faculties, esp. in social  sciences and humanities. Cooperations between these and natural sciences  are very welcome. We look for topics that fit the research topics of GKB and connect them to the GKB proposal for 2022-2025. More specifically, the ideal project should:

  • link disciplinary research at MLU (own research foci or own third-party funded projects) to research fields in GKB (Wissen: Generierung Anwendung Transformation; Region: Emotionaler  Zusammenhalt Rechtliche Aushandlungsprozesse; Artenvielfalt  Nachhaltigkeit Transformation; Gesellschaftliche Resilienz Koexistenz  von Mensch und Maschine; Klimawandel)
  • Relate to, use, and complement the existing GKB projects.
  • Aim at specific short-term results that benefit from linking research at MLU
  • Encourage interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and other initiatives,  particularly between natural and social sciences, humanities and social  sciences, empirical and computational research, data synthesis and  modelling, basic and applied sciences, and transfer and outreach to  society and policymakers.
  • Involve new or prospective MLU members who are not yet (entirely) engaged in GKB research,

None of these points is an exclusion criterion, but the proposed project has to develop bridges within MLU faculties in GKB research.

At least one of the PI/Co-PIs  should be a GKB member. However, these are soft criteria, and there  might be cases where it might be necessary to deviate from this  composition. In any case, applicants must clearly describe the role and  the scientific contributions of the PI and Co-PIs  in the commitment plan. The PI is the researcher responsible for the  project and its funding and will be in charge of project administration.

The  GKB Board conveys a GKB task force to select and evaluate the  proposals. It takes care of possible conflicts of interest, and it  warrants an impartial evaluation of each project based on scientific  best practices and the fostering of excellent research at  interdisciplinary and international levels.

Submission of the proposal

The deadline for submission of proposals is 31 Mai each year.

Please submit a PDF-data of your proposal via email to GKB's speaker.

Layout of the proposal

1. General information (first page/title page): title of the proposal and acronym; title, name, surname of PI/Co-PI, adresses, affiliations; 5 to 10 keywords summarizing your proposal;

2. Summary (half a page): a concise and comprehensive summary of your project with main  objectives, hypotheses (if applicable), and clear deliverables. In  particular, explain how your project will strengthen the link of MLU  interdisciplinary research in the area of GKB research, and what makes  it topical in this regard.

3. State of the art (up to 2 pages): state of the art related to the content of the proposal

4. Objectives (up to half a page): concise description of the main goals of your project.

5. Work plan (up to half a page): the steps planned during the proposed funding period to attain the goals of the proposal.

6. Contribution to the MLU GKB strategy (half a page): indicate how your project will link to existing topics or member networks in GKB, in Saxony-Anhalt  and nationaly/internationaly, how it will fill gaps in GKB research,  and how it will contribute to strengthening integrative and/or applied  GKB research.

7. Commitment and mentoring plan (half a page): specify how the PI and the Co-PIs will contribute to the project aims. Please define and explain their specific roles, tasks and interplay.

8. Budget plan (half a page): clearly  state which amount of funding is requested with respect to personnel  and consumables. Justify why your project need this specific funding and  provide evidence that your project can not be funded by other instances  of research. Please provide details on individual items where  applicable.

Total amount of pages for the proposal: 5 A4-pages excluding appendix, font is Arial or Helvetica 11, lines are single spaced and margins are at 2cm everywhere.

9. Appendix: the bibliography of your research proposal; the CV of the PI/Co-PI with their 10 most important publications related to the project proposal.