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Daniele Cantini, PhD

Dr. Daniele Cantini

Dr. Daniele Cantini

Senior Research Fellow and Academic Coordinator

Member of the LOST-Group    

Research Interests

Anthropology of the Middle East, higher education and doctoral studies, institutions, Islam and subjectivity, social orders and travelling models, youth, political and social anthropology, migration.

Current research projects

SCHO.MO.RES. Scholarly Mobility, knowledge production and Research capacity building

The project explores the relationship between research training, scholarly mobility, career paths and social science knowledge production in the Arab region, concentrating on Beirut as one of its main hubs, and on recent developments in the local provision of postgraduate training. The main research question is to examine the role of recently established local programs and institutions offering postgraduate training and research grants in altering the conditions of doing research as well as career paths in social sciences both in Lebanon and throughout the region, in contrast with an earlier, and still predominant, mode of graduate education abroad, mostly in the ‘global north’. Combining biographical 'tracer' studies of individual academics with institutional ethnographies, the project develops comparative insights into research career pathways and the practice of social science in the Middle East.

This analysis has the aim of discussing not only the effects of mobility on the knowledge being produced – issues currently discussed inside the academia, the contents of legitimate PhD theses and appropriate topics of research for young scholars – but also to the institutional context within which it is produced. From a theoretical point of view, the project makes a major advancement by proposing a new way of understanding knowledge as being intertwined with movement, co-constituted through it.

Islam in der DDR Zeit und in den neuen Bundesländer

In Kooperation mit dem Orientalisches Seminar der MLU Halle.

Das Projekt untersucht die Lebenswelten der MuslimInnen in Halle/Saale, Sachsen-Anhalt, aus eine historische sowie ethnographische Perspektive. Die erste Teil der Forschung ist historisch, und untersucht die Leben der Muslim*innen in Halle bis 1990. Die zweite Teil des Projekts untersucht dann ethnografisch die Lebenswelten der Muslim*innen die heute in Halle und in die Region leben, ihre Vereine und Gemeinden sowie die Sozialinitiativen, in die Schulen oder für die Prävention der Radikalismus, die an ihnen angerichtet sind. Ein besonderes Interesse der Forschung liegt in der Analyse der Formen der Religiosität, wie den Islam im einen migratorischen Kontext sich ändert. Das Projekt wird auch die Basis für ein Vergleich mit der Situation in anderen Ländern wie Italien sein.

Research areas

Egypt, Germany, Italy Jordan, Libanon, Syria